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Our experience, heritage and ambition will make floating offshore wind a commercial, low-cost, low carbon reality in Scotland – on a global scale.

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Ocean Winds and Aker Offshore Wind have submitted a joint bid to develop floating offshore windfarms in Scotland as part of the ScotWind leasing round.


Our vision is to make Scotland a global leader in floating offshore wind.

We have developed an ambitious plan to revolutionise energy production in Scotland and power our everyday lives, deliver a net zero future by harnessing the power and potential in Scotland’s deep waters, and create thousands of high-skilled jobs through billions of pounds in investment.


Our experience, heritage and ambition will make floating offshore wind a commercial, low-cost, low carbon reality in Scotland – on a global scale.

About our bid.

ScotWind Leasing is the process currently being undertaken by Crown Estate Scotland, at the direction of the Scottish Government, to grant property rights for the seabed in Scottish waters for new commercial scale offshore wind projects. It is the first round of seabed leasing for offshore windfarms in Scotland for a decade.


Our vision is for Scotland to become a global leader in floating offshore wind, contributing to our collective net zero mission with green energy at scale.


We are dedicated to working with all stakeholders to achieve this, create high-skilled jobs in Scotland and generate exportable technology innovation.


Ocean Winds and Aker Offshore Wind plan to use steel-based semi-submersible floaters, specifically Windfloat™ the world’s most proven technology developed by Principle Power Inc, which is majority owned by Aker Offshore Wind and Ocean Winds.


Creating jobs


Thousands of local jobs across Scotland through investment in local supply chains and infrastructure, developing exportable skills and technology innovation.

Net zero


Harnessing the green power and potential of Scotland’s deep water resources to deliver a net zero future for the next generation.

Local committment


A multi-billion pound investment in Scotland’s economy to kick-start a new industry, with a commitment to 40% minimum supply chain content in Scotland and 60% in the UK.

The partnership brings together Ocean Winds’ leading global expertise, gained locally delivering Scotland’s largest offshore windfarm (950MW Moray East), and Aker’s 40+ year history of supply chain and project delivery in the Scottish offshore wind and oil and gas sectors. 


The partners also hold a majority stake in Principle Power, one of the most proven floating foundation solutions for offshore wind, operational at the Scottish Kincardine project.


This synergy will provide a proven foundation to reduce the cost of energy to benefit the consumer while at the same time increasing Scottish supply chain content to benefit the economy. The consortium is committed to delivering floating offshore wind energy at commercial scale, with a vision of large-scale Scottish job creation through ground-breaking supply chain investment.


The partnership will support Scotland to become a global leader in floating wind through substantial early investment in national industrial capability. This will allow the Scottish supply chain to mature in time to take full advantage of a transformational opportunity. Mapping and engaging with the local supply chain has already resulted in agreements with suppliers who have demonstrated preparedness and will enable early investment priorities. This is fundamental to increase local content, create a sustainable industrial transition, and deliver local skills and jobs.

Ocean Winds

Ocean Winds is the developer behind Scotland’s largest windfarm (the 950MW Moray East windfarm), taking it from concept in 2009 to a power-producing reality in 2021. Globally, Ocean Winds is one of the world’s leading offshore wind companies. It was established specifically to develop wind generation at sea by ENGIE and EDPR, who themselves own and operate a major portfolio of solar, wind and hydro generation facilities across the world.


After Moray East produced its first power, Ocean Winds fortified its long-term commitment to Scotland with the announcement that it had formally joined forces with offshore-engineering giant Aker to deliver the next generation of floating offshore wind generation.

Aker Offshore wind

The Aker group of companies’ 40 year history and heritage in the North Sea oil industry ideally complement Ocean Winds as a partner. Aker has had an extensive presence in Scotland since the 1980s and it has been a driver of maritime and industrial development – building ships and designing, constructing and servicing offshore installations from Glasgow to Aberdeen, on Scottish isles, in ports and in the ocean. In 2020, Aker established Aker Offshore Wind so its maritime experience and expertise could be fully applied to the transition to low-carbon energy.

Aker have been instrumental in the design and deployment of more than half of all semisubmersible offshore installations globally.

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We are committing to a minimum of 40% Scottish content and 60% UK content as part of our proposed development. We intend to engage early with the supply chain and encourage interested companies to register using the button below.

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